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A little about me . . .

            Life is a continuous evolution of thought and belief.
                 It's a journey with many unexpected turns and miracles, if you
                      will but think of it that way. For me, the recent miracle was
                           to discover I am a writer...
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I've always wanted to write a book, like a majority of the population who say someday they will. My thoughts, however, were more along the lines of a self-help book focused on one of the many things life has taught me. In fact, that's about all I read. While I love movies, it never seemed a valuable use of my time to read novels. I would imagine that in my lifetime, I've probably read a handful of fiction books, that's not to say I didn't enjoy them. Nevertheless, I never fancied myself to be among the crowd of authors who actually wrote one.

One morning in September of 2009, I woke up with a single sentence on my mind. I sat down at my computer and began writing. The story literally wrote itself. I was amazed as the journey unfolded before me. The surprises came just as if I was reading another author's book. It was around page 30 when the twist ending occurred to me. How could I help but become mesmerized? Still in all, I maintained discipline by limiting myself to two hours writing time in the evenings and three months later the novel, Inherited: Family curse. Future hope, was finished... at least the rough draft. In fact, the ideas for the two successive sequels in the trilogy were also in the beginning stages. I was ecstatic! Little did I know that the proofing would take three times longer than the writing. Then there was a pile of research and elements involved in the actual publication. Writing was the easy part but I'm hooked! I hope you'll enjoy my books as much as I enjoy their creation.

More change and evolution
Since that morning in 2009, my publishing company, Vision Bay Books, and a slew of short stories have made their way to market for Kindle and Nook. At long last, the paperback edition of my first novel, has hit the market and is now available at Amazon.com. For more on the trilogy and bonus materials, visit InheritedSeries.com.

Aliya Saige lives with her husband and three dogs in rural Anza, Southern California. She has four grown children, fourteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.


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